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You might think that the dial type gauge indicators look pretty snazzy but unlike these, with our unit you don't have to get up close to read a small dial to see what your water level is, with our Kit you can see the exact level at a glance..... from a distance.

Also with this type of 'gauges', there is tank height limit, unlike our Indicator that can be installed on any height tank.

The 'gauge' type indicators look trendy but if you have a very tall tank or a tank up on a high stand, you may still need a ladder to get close enough to read it clearly!

The external clear plastic tube type is a good idea but like the dial type gauges, you still have to get up relatively close to see the water level in the tube and as the tube starts to tarnish from exposure to the elements you have to get closer and closer to see it. Plus if the bottom of the tube should get damaged by frost or vermin you could wake up to an empty tank. As a safeguard some of this type are fitted with a valve that you have to turn on every time you want to check the level, just don't forget to turn it off! This defeats the purpose of checking the level at a glance. And you would nearly have to be a plumber or a very competent handyman to cut or alter your tank outlet pipe to fit in the 'T' piece for the plastic tube..... after you hunt around finding the right size adaptor for your pipe.
Then you have the 'electronic' type.
They sound like the ant's pants if you like expensive gadgets and you like constantly checking the batteries and hope that it doesn't get fried in the next storm. And human nature being what it is, you'll probably go out and check the level manually... just to make sure the electronic gadget is still working!

With our Tank Water Level Indicator Kit there are no tension springs to adjust or wear out, no batteries required, no plumbing knowledge required, no external plastic tube that may possibly rupture and you don't have to cut a big hole or drill other screw holes in your tank to fit it
     Our Kit only requires just ONE small 12mm hole.  ......That's it.  No bolts. No screws.

Our Kit is extremely simple to install without any special tools or knowledge and is supplied with easy to follow step by step comprehensive instructions and drawings. Anyone can fit it, all you need is a couple of readily available recyclable items
(plastic bottles) which are usually in abundance around any household.

( Your chance to do your bit for recycling and actually enjoy the benefit! )

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