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Q> I've had a look through your website and to be honest your Kits sound too cheap to be any good. Can you explain how you can sell what you claim is a quality product so cheap?

A> Thank you, we take that as a compliment. It was always our aim to sell a quality product at an affordable price,(we do it as a hobby not a business) we have accomplished this mainly through the fact that we have eliminated expensive injection molded floats  by allowing the customer to use a couple of readily available recyclable plastic products (that you would normally throw away) instead.
This, plus the fact that we do ALL manufacturing, packaging and distribution ourselves and we don't do any expensive advertising (word of mouth is a biggest advert.) has allowed us to keep our costs low and by operating on a low profit margin we are able to offer the benifit of a quality affordable product to our environmentally conscious customers.

Q> Does any toxic metal touch the water in the tank?
A>Absolutely not. NO metal of any sort supplied in our Tank Water Level Indicator Kits touches the water in your tank. Oh, by the way...It will never rust!

Q> How easy is it to fit the Kit?
A>If you can use a drill to make a 12mm hole, you can fit it!   Kits come with comprehensive step-by-step illustrated instructions as well as some handy hints.

Q> Is the indicator affected by wind?
A> If the indicator is hanging low because your tank is low on water, then naturally in a strong wind the water level indicator would sway a little (1-2cm) but this will not damage it (or your tank) or affect its operation. A hint submitted by one of our customers may be of interest to you if you live in a particularly high windy area.
Have a look at the
Hints and Tips page for more info.

Q> I am worried that my pet dog (or cat or little kids!) will be tempted to grab hold of the water level indicator and pull it off, is there any way I can prevent this?
A> Yes. Easy, just have a look at the hint and photos on the Hints and Tips page.

Q> My tank is a fair way from my house, is there any way I can make the water level indicator more visible from a distance?
A> Yes, there is a very good hint and photos on how to do that in the Hints and Tips page, again using another plastic recyclable item!

Q> My tank has a sloping roof, will your Kit still work?
A> No Problem. The big white concrete tank and the brown plastic tank in the pictures on the Home Page have sloping roofs.

Q> I want the water level indicator to be visible from my back door but the strainer/opening is on the other side of the tank, can I install it anywhere on the tank or does it have to be near the strainer/opening of the tank?
A> No. You can install it anywhere on the tank where it's visible to you. Instructions on how to do this are in the detailed illustrated Instruction Sheets that are supplied with the Kits.  

Q> I have a "Heritage" tank with a built-in gutter, can I install you kit on my tank?
A> Yes, not a problem. There is a photo of a 135,000 litre tank with Indicator installed in the Photo Gallery page.

Q> How easy is it to install the Kit if the water tank is half full?
A> It does not matter if the tank is full, empty or anywhere in between, it's just as easy to install our Kit no matter how much water is in the tank. You do not have to turn off your pump or interupt the water supply whilst installing it and definitely you will not lose any water in the process. (If you're getting a new tank we suggest that you wait until you have some water in it as that actually makes it easier to calibrate the 'float')

Q> No offence but I have bought stuff that sounded pretty good on the internet in the past only to be completely disappointed when it arrive, what sort of guaranty do you offer?
A> No offence taken, please rest easy. We offer a seven day money back guaranty. If you are not happy with our product when you receive it, just send it back post paid for a full refund of the purchase price. (we would appreciate a brief note explaining your reason for returning it.)

Q> Do you offer postage discount when purchasing more than one Kit?
A> Yes, we do, both in Australia and internationally. Is is automativally calculated by Paypal when you make your purchase.

Q> I would like to purchase several of your Kits for my farming business. Do you supply an Invoice?
A> Yes, we issue an Invoice for all sales made in Australia and internationally.


If you have a question please
do not hesitate to contact us.

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