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If you looked at our Tank Water Level Indicator Kit in the past and were unsure whether to buy one or not, here are a few sample feedbacks from past buyers…..(you'll notice the word "Simple" appears frequently!)

* Thank you. Item was just as described,very happy with purchase. Recommended seller.
 Buyer: stafford321

* Great to deal with Good communication . Fantastic value Easy transaction AAA .          Buyer: putty4646

*Great simple and effective product. Work perfectly.      Buyer: jc4everrtw

* Simple but works!     Buyer: wayneconnor

*Awesome value for a product that works so well! I recommend this product. Cheers Buyer: qvfeel

*good product good price fast delivery very happy nice Australian invention Buyer: whirligigman0_0

*Brilliance of simplicity! Wonderful service. Customised shipping arrangements. Buyer: seaebai

*Amazingly simple to install and works wonderfully. We are having issues with our bore pumping to a concrete tank 450metres up a hill and a leak we couldn't find in a feed out pipe. My husband was up and down the ladder many times thru the day to check water level in the tank as we opened and closed valves, but after installing this simple gadget we could check the water level from a distance without leaving the ground. So much safer. Simply love this gadget.      Buyer: robyn5252

*G,Day mate all good very clever indicator well done. Buyer: jackp775

*It's so simple and cost affective why would you spend hundreds of dollars 5 star Buyer: divescubapro

*Awesome product, great info, thanks heaps, a really great design! A++++++      Buyer: kiddvintage

*Great product even better service. Well done Lucano      Buyer: petemathi

*Works well, easy to install. Thank you.      Buyer: kb2010kevin

*Great Product, And So Simple Thanks      Buyer: pommie66

*Great seller, they shipped the item the same day and it arrived sooner than expected. The product is great, such a wonderful idea and so well priced compared to other water level indicators that are available. Would highly recommend buying this product from Lucano.    Buyer: kerri.l.smith

*super product...super nice seller...pleasure to deal with      Buyer: glasssnoopy

*Great simple product with perfect instructions      Buyer: 0351sophie

*Great to talk directly with manufacturer; Ingenious , works extremely well.      Buyer: gavan.william

*Excellent communication. Well laid out instructions. Simple to fit. Thanks      Buyer: eazza767

*Brilliant simplicity. Arrived and installed today. Very happy.      Buyer: dorydoug

*arrived quickly well packaged works a treat      Buyer: isobel2442

*Great idea, and eco-friendly too!   Buyer: purplemillie123

*great price, great product, very fast service, many thanks.      Buyer: bunnyoats

*very simple clever design, perfect, thank you!      Buyer: hensofhallora29644

*Excellent product! Will be buying another one soon! Wish I'd thought of it!       Buyer: monicawhit

*Top product. So ridiculous simple. Fast freight       Buyer: hopne

* Email:  A great product that actually WORKS!!! AMAZING!!!   Buyer: Keith Eaxxxxxxxx

* Email: Hi Lou
The tank water level indicator we received from you is working well. So well, we’d like to order another one. Shall we just do this on your website?
Sally Huxxxxxxxxxxx

* Email: Hi Lou.
I recently received two of the water level units, thank you very much for shipping them so quickly!
I'm very happy with them.   One is a pretty standard install on a 5000L round metal tank, the other is on a 2000L plastic ThinTanks tank.   That one was a bit trickier as it has supports across the tank from the front to rear, but I was able to pass both the line from entrance to weight and the line to the float unobstructed.   Your instructions worked well, and I was very happy with how the aluminium piece fit the 12mm hole.   
Thanks very much,

* Email: Good Afternoon,
Have just finished installing one of your tank level kits and I must say it works great!
Simple to install and nothing to go wrong.
It's a great product, simple and well made - congratulations.
Denis Hakxxxxxxxxx
      Highfields QLD.

* Email: Hello Lou,
The parcel arrived yesterday & we set about installing it straight away.
Your instructions were clear, uncomplicated and very easy to follow.
Luckily, we had the necessary items on hand to enable us to complete the installation easily & quickly.
All in all, a simple but effective piece of equipment that will surely do the job effectively.  
Kind Regards,
  Bryan Matxxxxxxxxxx

* This email holds place of pride in our house!
Hi Lou,
I just wanted to send a big thank you for a fantastic product!
We're locked down here in Melbourne looking for things to keep us sane and so I decided it was time to get a Water Tank Level Indicator.  After a bit of searching around I discovered you online and was amazed with how your advert detailed exactly what I had found with other Indicators out there.  Ridiculously expensive, limited use, impractical, overly complicated, unreliable, the need for a power source, etc. etc.
So I placed my order with you and I was instantly greeted with great feedback.  The package arrived promptly and after opening it I found the most Aussie thing I think I have ever seen.  It is so simple and so elegant.  With an engineering background I fully appreciate the amount of refinement and R&D that has gone into it so I was incredibly impressed with the price point you are selling it at.  Everything about it screams Aussie and the instruction set is brilliant.
My little suburban Water Tank is semi-partitioned with a hemispherical top so the Indicator needed to be mounted at one end away from the filter-inlet, but thanks to the perfect product design this was no issue at all.  I simply whacked a few nails in a long bit of scrap wood and used some trusty Telstra-cord to drop the bottles in place (I've attached some photos).
Everything works perfectly.  Love, love, love it.
I have been telling everyone I know about your Indicator and I will be getting another one for the family beach house the minute we get out of lock-down.
Thank you so much for the joy it has brought, especially during such a tough time with this bloody virus.  
Darren McNxxxxxxxxxxx


*what a very simple product great to see and use. Buyer: mup1945  05-Nov-08 10:55

*A great product - so good I'm gonna buy more! Buyer: rtpyc  21-Nov-08 18:39 (she did, six more to give as presents!)

*very good product -simple and effective!! Buyer: rtpyc  29-Nov-08 21:12

*Very good idea well worth the money in its simplicity well done Buyer: bear2445  04-Dec-08 13:15

*this is my second of these guages, very happy, super quick postage - thanks ! Buyer: watergumby  25-Jan-09 11:21

*Simple idea, easy to install, quick delivery, recommended product. Buyer belindab526  02-Mar-09 19:41

*Ingenious product worth the price. Great Aussie invention. Buyer: ratna_the_yakster  25-Mar-09 18:41

*Fast postage and item as described. Well worth the price. Great Value. Buyer: sassy_kat_83  May-20-09 18:09
*Quick delivery and a very clever product. thanks. Buyer: hqmonaro3870 Jun-01-09 00:47
*Excellent idea. should sell many more. Buyer: sylvester4913 Jun-03-09 22:30
*Fast and friendly..and sweet level system..Thanks. Buyer: jerrycanncann Jun-09-09 03:44
*Item as described, communication great, and it really works! Buyer: gathercole238  Jun-13-09 21:22
*great product terrific service easy to follow instructions thank mate. Buyer: spudflannagan Jun-14-09 23:18
*Second order, great item thank you. Buyer: splashed08  Jun-15-09 00:50

*Fast delivery, great product, excellent customer service. Highly recommended.  Buyer: gigerider 10-Jul-09 16:34

*great product third one I have bought, fast delivery. Thank you again Buyer: rexgemma 01-Sep-09 19:00

*Simple but smart idea excellent delivery. Thanks.  Buyer: 6722jasonf  01-Oct-09 12:20

*Exactly as described, works well, simple installation, quick postage Thanks AAA+  Buyer: somerset195  28-Sep-09 20:29

* Very fast very easy to install very happy thank you.
Buyer: crikeyitsmeagain 04-Oct-09 20:09

* Brilliant to deal with --very prompt, excellent product, great service. Buyer: gidgerider 24-Oct-09 10:52

* (email)
  Hi Lou,
Have installed water level indicator, love it. Shows how good simple ideas can be, it works better than the one I bought for $140.00.
Regards, Ben (28/10/09)


*Fantastic product! Easy assembly, brilliant concept and really helpful hints. Buyer: barnbern  12-Nov-09 21:01

*prompt service fantastic product.  Buyer:3583jane 17-Nov-09 09:04

*the simplest things in life are definately the best. great product. buyer:jock1958 23-Nov-09 11:59


*Ingenious! Incredible product and fabulous service! Very impressed! AAA+. Buyer: 2007down  24-Dec-09 01:04

*Brilliant idea. Simple, easy to install. Buyer:  philip.bradshaw  31-Aug-10 21:02

*Ingenious idea, so simple it works.  Buyer: Imccpa    28-Sep-10 02:58

*great invention,now my kids can see exactly how much water we actually use.  Buyer: 1982davidj  15-Oct-10 08:27


*Exactly as described, simple and effective. AAAA Buyer: wopbam  11-Nov-10 17:01

*Magic - so simple and effective I'm going to order two more!!  Buyer: w2786  20-Jan-11 21:21

* What a fantasic and simple idea. Very easy to install. Buyer: bigred7922  28-Apr-11 17:31

*Great little product, well thought out and just so simple. Buyer: mal2732  14-Feb-12  12:34

*Email: "Lou, installation completed Saturday, 10 March 2012.  We are very satisfied with product design and ease of installation......."
".........Thank you for your prompt attention to our order........PatnSharrie, Ranxxxxxx, California,USA"

*You are a legend, works perfectly, thank you :-) :-) :-)
 Buyer: mbtbjbnb  26-Apr-12

*aha, ingenius! Thanks. Buyer: figjam30  14-May-12

*Email: "Hi Lou, your tank Water Level Indicator arrived promptly in Monday's mail. It is now fully installed (Tuesday). My tank for household use is Poly with sloping roof. Installation was a breeze with the Indicator located opposite the inspection hole. I certainly recommend your product as unique and effective. Thank you, John Xxxxxxxxx"

*Great device, great service.  Buyer: tedvdh  24-Sep-12

*SIMPLY amazing - GREAT SERVICE AND PRODUCT AAA+++ Buyer: 4677graeme 01-Oct-12
*Excellent item as described & works really well. Would use again AAA+++  Buyer: monarols71 09-Dec-12

*Great little device. Instructions clear & easy even for me!! Thanks!!!  Buyer: sonegolane 09-Dec-12

*Brilliant product. As advertised. Super quick delivery. Buyer: mphmax 12-Dec-12

*What marvellous service. A great product which works really well & cheap as.  Buyer: sdingo030264 12-dec-12

Email very long and detailed, edited here)........The watering system has been in place for 6 years. Effective use of this system demands a good water level indicator and the former indicator using a crude vertical transparent tube has not been satisfactory. I purchased your system on-line on the 11 May and it arrived a few days later.
I congratulate you on your use of common sense and a bit of lateral thinking in the design of your water level indicator. I expect my installation to have a long and successful life.  - Pip Hxxxxx, Victoria

*Great Aussie product, don't hesitate, get on it! Well done Lou. Buyer: lockemi, 30-Jun-13

*neat idea - simple - yet great = mucho - g'day Buyer: bodfishbob6wih, 16-Aug-13

*An ingenious, practical and value for money tank gauge. Operating well. Buyer: lamond221, 6-Sep-13

*This is a very cleaver device, easy to install, works great, great seller. Buyer: johinc, 28-Sep-13

*Excellent simple device. Every tank needs one of these.   Buyer: freddie222, 23-Oct-13

*An ingenious, practical and value for money tank gauge, operating well.   Buyer: lamond221, 06-Sep-13

*This is a first class gauge. So simple but effective. Thank you. Buyer: johntim2468, 08-Feb-14

*Great item, very clever! Fast postage, very happy   Buyer: leonore01,    14-Feb-14

*great product and top instructions   Buyer: patrickw1618,   14-Feb-14 13:31

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